Hey, I’m Cory and this is my blog.

Life is full of different seasons. Some seasons are so dry it feels like fire. Sometimes it rains so hard if floods. And yet other times it is so bright and sunny that you need new sunglasses.

It is now Springtime in Colorado and this blog marks a fresh start in life for me: Writing. The grass isn’t any greener when you write (as opposed to not writing), but it sure does bring personal joy, clarity and a new found sense of self.

Writing is something I have talked and talked about for years.

And then I recently re-discovered something:

In order to write, you actually have to sit down and do it!

The advanced writer, with years of practice, may laugh at this statement but also may remember the daily struggle, lack of motivation or inability to hone in one on thing and simply do what needs to be done, and this is, writing.

Perhaps the war of art and creativity really never truly goes away. Five of my favorite authors have much more to say on this.

So, I admit I am a novice writer.

But here I am, writing anyway. Drop by drop, one letter at a time, I hope these life thoughts and words strung together like cheerios on a string provide a new perspective to you and yours, as they have done so for me.

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