Write, they said.

It will be fun, they said.

They must have been on drugs were right.

Writing is a fun, creative, painfully antagonizing! process, which is a reflection of thought. The ability to deliver a succinct message, create tension for a reader, hold it, and then have them breathe out with release with a change in their perspective is the result of a laborious grueling process, similar to shoveling pig slop. The final written product of what you read results from clear perfectly formed ideas having an idea, putting it down on paper, revising, and revising some more. It might appear like pig shit shiny and bright once you’re finished with it.

However, this is rare. The ability to put the alphabet in a particular order and then form a word combined with another word that makes somewhat of a haphazard sentence is easy as 1-2-3! takes daily practice, and requires showing up generously.

It is a simple act of throwing, catching, releasing, and shipping before you think you are ready.

To throw a ball well, you must first practice throwing the ball. You might shatter a neighbor’s window in the process, yet this is essential to learning. This learning process might be described as a peaceful flow of revising and editing that ebbs back and forth like a calm shoreline at dusk, as I was once told.

I couldn’t disagree more. Editing what you write is similar to stepping out on your porch in the morning to discover a hungry ravenous snapping alligator who has just eaten your dog; it must be wrestled with until either you or the alligator wins. Ah, now you can breathe.

The fact is, you are always ready. You must simply decide.

That’s all for today.

Cheers to shipping and gator soup,